Thursday, September 29, 2005

My psychic powers released Judith Miller

OK, not really, but for whatever reason, the Times reporter languishing in the pokey popped into my head just this very evening -- while I was far away from any news outlets. I thought to myself, I wonder how long Judy Miller’s going to be stuck in there until she or someone she spoke to realizes how dumb the whole situation is. And now, here it is, I come home and check out the Times online site: Lo, and behold, "Scooter" (I. Lewis Libby) reportedly figures the poor gal has spent enough time away from her notepad and her deep background, and "voluntarily and personally" lets her scoot on home and/or to the courthouse.

In other news, Lil’ Kim is still in jail and won’t be getting released from incarceration nearly as soon, but at least her new CD is out.

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