Saturday, September 24, 2005

L.E.S. and ... C.G. ?

I ate and drank at ‘inoteca on Rivington for the first time last night with Kim and co. They have a nice selection of Italian wines by the glass and carafe – I shared some white Frascati – and a pretty unique menu. Reading up on the place now, I realize I probably should’ve tried one of the panini; instead, daunted by some of the perplexing names on the menu, I just had the assorted bruschetta, which was delicious. I followed it up with a warm lemon and sugar crepe, because that little creperie is just around the corner on Ludlow, and I hate to pass it up.

During the second half of the evening, I met up with M+J, who were venturing out to Brooklyn for the first time (I know, I know) to visit a newly minted graduate student friend of J’s. We got off at the Carroll Street F stop, and found our way to the corner of Henry and Union streets in Carroll Gardens. Said graduate student lives practically above the new Royal’s Downtown, a moderately pricey but elegant restaurant that had emptied of diners by the time we opened the little black gate and slid up to the bar for some drinks and bar snacks. (Mmm. Bar snacks.) I had a Madame Royal, the featured drink of the evening, chalked up on the board beside the bar. It’s a mix of Chambord, Crown Royal and mint, and it was delicious. They must’ve been giving us a discount or something, because the total for M+J and I came to less than I’d expected for a classy place like that.

Marketers’ dream quote of the evening came from J: “I didn’t know there were rules to having a social life in New York; one of them is you have to have a weekly subscription to Time Out New York.”

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