Monday, September 26, 2005

"In other news ... the dead walk the earth"

I joined the millions of other Americans to see Tim Burton's Corpse Bride this weekend, and came away not feeling all that bad for once about the $10.75 going rate for a movie ticket these days.

What a wonderful mix of artistry and playful wit! I'm not always a Burton fan, but he had me at the opening titles. As many reviewers have noted, the underworld of the dead is a more colorful and lively place than the land of the living in this movie's tale. Its structure reminded me of Shakespeare and his green world narratives: where the forest is a place of more spunk and freedom, while the court in town feels restrained, dowdy and unappealing.

There are so many great moments of word play that I'm sure I missed quite a few. In the skillful hands of the filmmakers, they come across as endearing and witty instead of forced and self-congratulatory like they could be.

Lastly, Burton seemed to know exactly when to end the movie without overdoing the denoument, leaving us with just enough -- a virtue that I think is sorely lacking from a lot of movies.

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