Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Fug, blog, dog, slap, Brit

The WSJ, once again proving that it rolls like that, devoted an A-hed (i.e., Journal-speak for the daily front-page feature) to the phenomenon that is Go Fug Yourself. Someone somewhere is just jumping for joy because they managed to get those three words on Page 1. Apparently, it's two reality-TV scribes who taught the world how to love the fug. I'd link to the story, but then I'd have to charge you for it. Of course, if you're one of those people who actually has the magical golden key to, the title of the story is: "Fashion Trash Talk Is a Big Blog Hit For the 'Fug Girls.'"

And in other news about the Internets, a PR firm in the UK surveyed some of the least likely people to be staring at a computer screen for eight hours a day about what's hip, wow, and now among those who do happen to be staring at computer screens for that length of time: "A survey of British taxi drivers, pub landlords and hairdressers -- often seen as barometers of popular trends -- found that nearly 90 percent had no idea what a podcast is and more than 70 percent had never heard of blogging."

Hmm. Color me surprised. I guess this is one trend that doesn't really come up too often when you're rushing home to watch Corrie, downing a pint, or getting your fringe trimmed. It's the same reason this T-shirt is not exactly the hippest of apparel. It's something we do, but don't admit to talking about.

But apparently, according to the survey, "assaulting people while capturing it on video with their mobile phones" and "watching couples have sex in semi-secluded places such as out-of-town car parks" are activities you do talk about with your friendly neighborhood cabbies, barmaids, and stylists.

Those crazy Brits, you never know what they'll be into.

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