Thursday, September 15, 2005

Daryl on Romenesko -- twice!

Ex-blogger Daryl is certainly getting a lot of attention on another well-read blog, thanks to his new day job. He scored not one, but two mentions on Poynter's must-read journalism blog Romenesko.

First, there was the piece about the latest disaster photo to evoke Michelangelo's Pieta -- the famous shot of the firefighter holding the bloody infant in Oklahoma City also comes to mind, although on a different scale.

Then, he got to the bottom of that photo I mentioned last night -- the Bush bathroom-break one -- and that also earned a mention. Rock on, D! Way to keep your finger on the pulse of daily visual culture.

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Anonymous said...

Drudge Report, too! It's been a big week for PDN!
- Daryl