Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Could NYC become another New Orleans?

Built as it is on a series of islands, this city does present a flood risk in certain areas, and the municipal government has been touting this "Hurricane Evalution Application" ever since Katrina. Type in your address to see if you are in one of the three primary flood-risk zones, or happen to not be in any evacuation zone, where flooding is extremely unlikely. My apartment in this latter category, which I guess should make me feel a little safer than, say, the people in Lower Manhattan, but I work down there, so if the deluge hits unexpectedly around 3 in the afternoon, I guess I'd be in the danger zone. Still, even if my apartment building were not flooded or evacuated, if the power went out for any length of time the way it has in N.O., I'd be quick to leave.

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