Friday, September 23, 2005

Alas, poor Libeskind

The snazzy rendering of the proposed New Globe -- you know, the one hoping to land on Governors Island -- popped up on Curbed today, and it got me thinking. Take a look at the background. Something's a little off, right? I'm sure at the time the artists thought they were being all progressive by including Libeskind's hot, hot (and now all but dead) Freedom Tower design in the picture, as if it were a sure thing and fully constructed. If Norman Foster and co. want to score a better chance of having their (fairly impressive, I think) theater ever see the light of day (or its first 8 p.m. curtain), perhaps they should be penciling in Childs' Fort Zero (Oh, that this too too sullied design would melt ... ) in the back. Or better yet, drawing the skyline of Lower Manhattan as it stands today, just to be certain.

You can never be too sure these days: One starchitect can't always rely on his/her compatriots to make it to the party on time.

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