Friday, August 19, 2005

Word, words and more words

I’ve started using Blogger for Word to write posts when I’m home, and it works like a charm so far. I found that when composing longer posts on the web-based drafting box for Blogger, the browser would sometimes start getting slower and not displaying characters as quickly as I was typing them. B4W is an improvement, because I’m typing offline. But it’s still sometimes necessary to tweak the HTML on the post after it’s gone up, because bolding and italicization don’t always go through.

Speaking of typing quickly, I was wondering the other day: How fast do we type these days? Well, there are programs on the web that can test your words per minute and adjusted WPM (factoring in accuracy) scores. When you get bored with solitaire, check out Typing Master. Some people on the site were apparently pulling net WPM scores of 135 this week, which is a heck of a lot faster than my 80. Still, it’s kind of fun and you can choose what kind of text you’d like to type: from storybook to business-y.

There of course was once a time when typing was a skill you learned if you were going into a particular line of work, like secretary or reporter; now, most of us must type, no matter the job. And optimal typing has changed since the advent of the computer and word-processor keyboards, too, because we no longer have to bang our fingers into those keys as hard as people did decades ago. Unfortunately, this has also led to a growth in RSI and CTS. I always have to remind myself: Take breaks, shake out those fingers, etc.

This evening, I’m flying down to Florida for the weekend to visit Margaret and Reneé. There may be another post or two before Monday, but probably not. Now, off to pack.

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