Monday, August 01, 2005

Where the livin' is relatively cheap

Hudson Heights, a latter-day invented name (that's rapidly becoming more popular) for the neighborhood near my apartment, is the setting for one of those Sunday Times real estate stories about "The Hunt" (for a home). Yes, a two-bedroom can be had for $410,000: cheap by Manhattan standards. As for the neighborhood itself? It's not quite Inwood, not really Washington Heights, near the Cloisters and the Mother Cabrini Shrine, and also boasts one of uptown's few Starbucks locations.

Or as one site puts it subtly: "The name came to be ... to differentiate our neck of the woods from the part where all that drug dealing and drive-by shooting was going on."


Anonymous said...

What distinguishes Inwood from Hudson Heights these days? Last Thursday/Friday the post ran an article about a large drug bust on 204th street between Dyckman and Post.

Jeremy said...

That's Inwood, not Hudson Heights. Broadway is the eastern border of the neighborhood and Fort Tryon Park is the northern border.