Thursday, August 18, 2005

Where are they now?

While I was home recently, I came across some old T-shirts from camps I attended, some of which had the names of campers printed on them. I jotted the names down and out of curiosity Googled some of them when I got a chance. Of course, some of them have pretty common names, so it’s hard to tell, but out of those for whom I have a reasonable certainty, here’s what I found:

One is or was living in New York with a college roommate, running races, doing publicity for a well-known British-based book publisher, and attending events at a private club-slash-library on Gramercy Park called The Accompanied Library.

One is or was teaching introductory English classes at Ohio State University, still using a nickname from camp days.

One is widely published and writing for a national magazine. She won a Marshall Scholarship recently and is or will be studying English at Oxford.

One is writing and hosting well-publicized open mikes of poetry and spoken word all around the country.

One is or was teaching dance at an arts school in Philadelphia – although this could be somebody else with the same name.

One graduated from college having won a writing prize worth more than $60,000.

One performed in an off-Broadway show two years ago.

One is or was living on the Upper West Side, getting a degree in ethnomusicology, writing reviews of a capella recordings, and directing a high school choir in New Jersey.

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