Monday, August 01, 2005

Three recent annoyances

1. Between last year and this year, my July electric bill doubled. (It even skyrocketed compared with this June.)

2. I got home from the store to find one of those anti-shoplifting tags on a pair of shorts. (Why didn't they take it off when I bought them? And why do you need to stick one on a $6 piece of clothing?)

3. No matter how well I think I've applied the sunblock before my first day at the beach, the sneaky sun will find a few patches that I missed and burn them real good. (So much for hoping for a little color.)


Anonymous said...

Leave the security tag on! It'll make you look like a badass. You might start a new fashion trend: shoplifted six-dollar shorts.
- Daryl

Kristina said...

According to Caitlin's definition, my friend, you've just written your first shit list! (see her blog). haha