Monday, August 01, 2005

Only funny to some

My sister and I were in the Metropolitan Museum of Art satellite store at Rockefeller Center the other day, when a couple walked up to the cashier and asked which door led to the actual museum. When the attendant told them the museum wasn't actually there, they seemed very disappointed. Where is it, they asked. 81st Street and Fifth Avenue: Is that close, they wanted to know. I found it pretty funny, but my sister assured me that it's a mistake she might've made if she hadn't known otherwise. The website that usually revels in such mistakes is Overheard in NY, such as this string of posts from July 20, or the one where two visitors are actually standing on top of the Empire State Building and one points to another tall building in the distance and says, "What's that?" and the other replies, "The Empire State Building, silly."

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