Wednesday, August 24, 2005

One-third hooked by the CD sampler in the mail

Besides those ubiquitous credit-card applications, the majority of my junk mail consists of charity solicitations, political fliers, and theater ads. Oh, yeah, and the occasional AOL disc that I promptly toss out. (When will they give up?) But today I got a CD of a different sort: a three-song sampler from In My Life, a new Broadway musical written by Joe Brooks, the guy who – I’ve learned – wrote that late-70s wedding classic “You Light Up My Life,” popularized by Debbie Boone and sung at an impossibly slow pace – perhaps to let all those newly married couples out there get their footing right on the dance floor. Not the most auspicious of beginnings, but still a name known in the business.

So regardless, I popped in the CD and gave a listen, since they took the effort to send along some free music. The first song (the title track) was just eh – not too bad, but pretty cliché and not all that memorable. I didn’t make it through the second song, “I Am My Mother’s Son,” without skipping to the next track. Horrible! Made especially more so by the really bad twang on the guy’s voice. But the third track appealed to me. It’s called “Life Turns on a Dime.” The lyrics are just slightly better than “In My Life,” and the tempo of the song still seems unnecessarily slow, but it has a poppy Broadway feel and a nice orchestration and I think people might like it.

I’m not going to run out and buy tickets to this show, which begins in previews at the end of next month, but I wouldn’t mind seeing it – for the right price – if only for the potential of that one good song.

One other thing: The musical’s title immediately got me in the mindset of the Beatles’ song, “In My Life” – which is a classic and one of my favorites by them – especially with the new Lennon show on Broadway. Was that what they were going for, I wonder, or was it unintentional? And if it was unintentional couldn’t they have come up with something more unique?

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