Wednesday, August 17, 2005

One of the dumbest and falsest statements in recent memory

"Philadelphians occasionally refer to their city -- somewhat deprecatingly -- as the "sixth borough" of New York ..." -Jessica Pressler, NYT, 8/14/05

Both of the cities in that statement are near and dear to my heart, for different reasons, but I have never before heard them linked in that way. It's such a presumptuous and out-of-touch thing to assert. They are two separate legit cities, each with their own histories and characteristics. I know New Yorkers are often accused of conceiving of the world in very NYC-centric ways, but this is just too much. This is so bad that the Times should print a correction. Something like:

"An article in the Sunday Styles section about ex-New Yorkers moving to and commuting from Philadelphia contained an erroneous statement. Few if any known Philadelphians -- deprecatingly or otherwise -- have referred to their city as the 'sixth borough' of New York. It was a statement likely conceived almost entirely by the author of the article. The Times regrets allowing this nut graph to get into the paper."

For more slamming of the piece, check out the Inquirer's blog, Blinq.

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