Thursday, August 04, 2005

Movies I want to see, in no particular order

March of the Penguins, Kings and Queen, Batman Begins, Me and You and Everyone We Know, Mad Hot Ballroom, Heights, The World, Lila Says, My Summer of Love, Look at Me, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy ...

Granted, some of these (fairly recent) movies have all but disappeared from theaters by now -- or otherwise there's one theater in the tri-state area that's playing them -- so I guess I have to wait for the DVD. This whole trend of rushing to the home audience in the movie biz is annoying to me, because even though, yes, it's expensive to see stuff on the big screen, I enjoy it and would like to have the chance to do so more than a month after the initial release.
Seeing a good movie in the theater for me is almost always more satisfying than seeing a good movie at home.

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Bethany said...

Don't bother seeing Hitchhiker's Guide. It was an appallingly bad adaptation of the book.