Thursday, August 04, 2005

Hair of the dog and the barman

Had some whiskey sours and margaritas tonight at a basic but appealing bar on the Lower East Side called The Magician, not far from the hulking as well as not very attractive from the outside Hotel on Rivington, or H.O.R. if you like.

Two funny things about the bar: It was happy hour, so mixed drinks were supposed to be $3 a piece. But the one bartender who was on didn't seem to be in a good mood -- maybe the other bartender called off sick, or something -- so it was like $3 was more of a suggestion than a rule. One time, he charged $2.50 a drink, the next $4. Still, cheap for here. The other thing was the barman's mustache: It was like a big arc, stretching from the left side of his jaw, across his lip, to the other side of his jaw -- just one line. Like something out of Gangs of New York. I don't know, maybe that's hip these days, I let my subscription to Facial Hair magazine lapse a few months ago.

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