Monday, August 08, 2005

File under unique restrooms

Not only does LAND Thai Kitchen -- 450 Amsterdam, north of 81st Street -- boast a delicious $8 pad thai and a $3 Thai iced coffee served in a native-looking bowl, but the U.W.S. restaurant's bathroom sink is quite a piece of art as well.

The knob is pretty traditional-looking, but it's attached to the right side of the wall. Turn the knob and water starts to enter a big clear tube that runs from wall to wall. As the water reaches the middle of the tube, it dribbles out small holes at the bottom. That's where you place your hands to wash. The excess water then falls into another clear cylinder, positioned open-side up, and eventually hits a layer of smooth flat pebbles on the floor. I imagine there's a hidden drain at the bottom -- this being in the heart of the city and all -- but the visual effect is of water coming out of a spring and then seeping back into the earth.


Kristina said...

You absolutely should have included a photo of this wonder. Sounds like a repeat dinner is in order!

Sarah said...

you can't beat the 3 course $7 lunch specials. It changed my life.