Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Back on the horse

This morning I began my umpteenth attempt at getting a regular exercise routine going. While lots of people my age have already found a way to work exercise into their lives, I continue to be lazy about it and hope that just not having a car and walking everywhere around the city will cut it. Some have recommended that I join a club, because I'd be more likely to go if I felt guilty about wasting the money if I didn't. But I counter: No, I'd just be annoyed at the extra expense. I have, after all, a beautiful park nearby and a medium-sized exercise machine taking up a valuable corner of my three-room apartment. So we'll see if this new routine -- waking up sooner and actually doing useful things while the rest of the world is already headed off to work -- works.

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Bethany said...

Good luck with your new routine!