Friday, July 22, 2005

Three worth reading, one worth hearing

1. A great Times profile of Costco and why it's the "anti-Wal-Mart," including a thumbnail history of wholesale clubs (yes, Price Club was stared by a Mr. Price) and mention of a pioneer discount store from the '50s called "Fed-Mart" -- which sounds funny, like it was government-run or something.

2. Roger Ebert's modest proposal to finance the creation of some internet content (like news sites) by charging users a penny a page via some sort of EzPass-like credit-card system.

3. Another great Appreciation piece (in WaPo's Style) by Hank Stuever, this time about the actor who played "Scotty" on the original Star Trek: James Doohan.

In honor of Scotty's passing, I thought I'd harken back to a great song from my childhood, which I heard way too often on "Kids Corner," a radio show on WXPN-FM: "Star Trekkin'" by The Firm.

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