Tuesday, July 26, 2005

"Little Flower has a hard time keeping its standing army occupied"

As a former altar boy myself, I read with interest the Washington Post's Style piece today on a Catholic parish in Bethesda that has more altar servers than it knows what to do with. It's a nicely reported article that features some interesting details: Background on the former Navy officer who helped to reshape the training program at the church, the observation that the girls seem better attuned to serving, the recommendation to watch "how the big boys, the big little boys, do it in Rome" during the Pope's funeral. The article, of course, mentions the sex scandal, but it does so without harping on it, by instead putting it in context that moves beyond the slew of reporting that's already been done. Overall, it's written with a nice mixture of reverence, outsider observation and light humor. Kudos to the writer, Tommy Nguyen.

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