Thursday, July 07, 2005

A classic by ABT

Saw American Ballet Theatre's production of Swan Lake tonight with Margaret, who's a dancer herself as well as a dance fan. It was a fantastic performance, and well-worth seeing, especially since I'd never before seen it from start to finish. The company really gets to stretch out with big sets and exquisite costumes for this one, performing for part of this month in the Metropolitan Opera House.

My favorite parts were the Act II dance featuring the Prince and Odette surrounded by the corps of Swans, the scene immediately following with four Swans linked in arms, and the international dances (Mazurka, Neapolitan, Spanish ...) in Act III. And it all closes with a stunning moment where the sun rises on the backdrop, the Tchaikovsky swells, and the Swan dancers bend their legs and fold their "wings" as white mist covers the stage, just after the cursed and tricked lovers have literally leapt toward a final reunion.

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