Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The State College baseball team

Well, they announced the semi-final round of the new State College minor-league baseball team naming contest, and the State College Centurions was not on there. (Surprise, surprise.) Too many biblical overtones perhaps.

Instead, you can choose from the Stags (which is just too funny for a men's sports team), the Sliders (which sounds a lot like the Altoona Curve, which will own the new team), the RidgeRiders (which is a made-up alliterative name playing off the area's ridges), the Mountain Bats (another animal/baseball name), the Miners (State College is not in NEPA!), the Copperheads and the Black Bears (both of whom are supposed to be actually in the forests around town). You can vote here.

I picked the RidgeRiders because it sounds funny, but I bet the Sliders (which apparently is also the name of a turtle) will be the winner.

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