Monday, June 06, 2005

NYC 2012: Time to move on

It would appear that today will eventually mark the unofficial end of New York's latest bid to host the Olympics, what with London and Paris getting the more glowing initial reviews from the IOC and the state authorities board's official rejection of the plan to sell the MTA land to the Jets. The sooner the bid's die-hard proponents accept this, the better.

This is an exciting time for New York, Summer Games or not. There are several other major development projects pending, and I think it would be good if Mayor Bloomberg and Gov. Pataki admit defeat on this one, or at least round the home-stretch to the July IOC decision gracefully and without too much grousing, and go back to focusing on the other hot spots.

Put more energy into crowing about how the renovation of the High Line in the Meatpacking District and Chelsea will create a unique urban public corridor that everyone can appreciate, and have construction start as soon as possible. (For a great timeline on how this project beat the odds, see here.) Talk about what needs to be done to get the Moynihan Station at 34th Street back on track, and get people excited about once more having an attractive intercity train hub on the West Side. And -- of course -- find some way to untie the Gordian knot of redeveloping the World Trade Center site, but don't let the discussions there become all encompassing, either.

Let Europe have their games, and refocus on projects with more local support.

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