Tuesday, June 28, 2005

New subway rules?

So it looks like the MTA is really going to vote for some new rule changes, including no more moving from one car to another while the train is in motion. I don't know how I feel about this. Yes, it's dangerous, but sometimes you want to move, and sometimes it's to get away from smells, heat, or other people. And you don't always want to have to wait until you get to the next station. Already, the MTA isn't very good with enforcing one of their pre-existing rules: No panhandling. But in a way, perhaps this new crossing-between-cars rule will help cut down on that as well, since a lot of people selling things or begging for money make their way through the train that way. Who knows ... we'll have to see how it all works in practice. At least snapping photos is still allowed.

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straphanger from philly said...

My vote is for the no-crossing rule, since it's almost assured that - when you hear the door to your car open - you're about to be treated with an unwelcome visitor. Fire & brimstone preacher, panhandler, or some more interesting fellow transit rider - it's rarely the guy from Publisher's Clearhouse tracking you down in your seat. There are occasions, of course, when you need to cross between cars to get away from a problem, or even trouble. Let's the hope the MTA is understanding when one explains that the motive was self-preservation.