Sunday, June 26, 2005

Mid-weekend update

No time for a full-fledged post. Instead, some quick hits:

The Trachtenburgs were pretty fun and quirky. I enjoyed their shtick and some of their music is kind of catchy ("Mountain trip ... to Japan ... nineteen-fifty-niiiiiine"). But -- I don't know whether the father in the band is just like this in general -- but he seemed rather embarrassed and nervous at times to be on stage in front of a sparse audience that didn't seem as thrilled by it all as I guess they should have been.

Governors Island was a peculiar experience -- an empty, deserted place mere hundreds of yards from the heart of the city -- but well worth a visit, I thought. Pictures and a slideshow to come.

Ragtime at the Paper Mill should be on your must-see list if you like musicals and a) you missed it the first time on Broadway, b) you didn't see any of the national tours, c) you enjoy a good, tuneful, coherent score with a well-integrated historical story that mixes facts and famous figures with fictional truth, or d) you enjoy seeing solid performances from not-so-well-known actors.

I also realized something again on Saturday: Don't book things too close together, especially if you're relying on weekend public transit schedules. I ended up seeing all that I'd planned, but I was late for the first morning ferry and also missed my first NJ Transit train at Penn Station.

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