Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Having margaritas with the Oracle of Omaha

That's Warren, not Jimmy!

The local Newspaper Guild, representing journalists at Reuters in New York, took out a pretty amusing advertisement in the Wall Street Journal the other week to highlight on-going union contract negotiations and call attention to the kind of embarrassing errors that have reportedly popped up on their wire ever since the media company has started outsourcing some photo editing duties to India -- and more recently, Singapore. I don't think this Buffett mix-up is an actual error, but it's not so far from the actual ones.

See this line from a Newsday story: "The errors include misidentification of the Polish city of Krakow as being in Portugal and saying Army Reservist Lynndie England, who was involved in the prisoner abuse scandal in Iraq, was commander of her unit rather than a private."

You know, like mistakes that most national-caliber journalists aren't likely to make if they're at all paying attention.

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