Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The hard part is reading it all

Now, for the "discount" price of $7,989.99, you can own the English-language canon of literature! (Or at least Penguin's 1,082-title version of it.) One online reviewer calls it "really tempting" and estimates they're going for "about two years worth of gasoline." Or half a year in a New York studio apartment. Or nearly nine years of monthly MetroCards. Or around 18 ounces of gold (at its current rate).
The complete collection weighs 700 pounds, and has somehow managed to rise through the Amazon book charts to #20,510 since it became available earlier this month. I want to know why Amazon isn't trying to sell you a new set of bookshelves to house all your new volumes!
Oh, and they're paperbacks, too, not hardcovers. So they aren't as likely to last as long: Remember in college how quickly those Penguin Classics fell apart from just a few readings -- if, say, you bought them in the used section of the textbook stores?

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Jess said...

Oh, but if you sign up for the Amazon Visa you can get the set for the even bigger screamin' deal of $7,959.99! That's practically free!!!!