Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Buren at the Guggenheim

Earlier, I took a free opportunity (thanks to the annual Museum Mile Festival) to see what was up at the Guggenheim. It was a bit disappointing to realize that no art is on display in the famous rotunda besides Daniel Buren's site-specific work(s) The Eye of the Storm.

The big contraption of mirrors and green dashes along the spiral walkway were less than illuminating until I read the printed guide at the base of things, which explained that it's the artist's experiment in bringing an actual corner of the rigid rectilinear and glassed-covered skyscraper grid of the city into Frank Lloyd Wright's soaring atrium. Thus, one could argue, temporarily "ruining" one of the great places in the city that does not confirm to the otherwise grand aesthetic.

It all felt more like a parlor trick grown to museum-sized proportions -- a less-than-captivating intervention in the space, which has been the site of more interesting works in the past.

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