Tuesday, May 24, 2005

You read it here first ...

(Well, maybe.) The wine shop inside the basement-level Whole Foods Market in the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle was indeed forced to close because of (somewhat arcane) state liquor law violations. The NY Times ran an article about it today. Why it took them two weeks to catch on to a follow-up story staring hundreds of eager gourmet shoppers in the face each day, I don't know. If they'd only read my post from May 10, perhaps they would have filed sooner. Here is an instance where this little outpost of the blogosphere just isn't catching the eye of MSM. Oh, well. There's always the next scoop.

On that note, On The Media -- NPR's weekly must-hear for media junkies -- had a segment about "glocal journalism" last Sunday in which they spoke to a Minnesotan who helped break news that was happening on another continent with the help of the internet and other modern technology.

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