Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Spanish-speaking arm of Guerilla Copy Editors

Proud but reasonable bike advocate Daryl writes about his recent adventures with a Bike Month NYC event today. It's run by Transportation Alternatives, which is wrapping up a month of activities. You might've seen the posters on the subway with lots of fun-looking New Yorkers standing in front of their bicycles. The slogan on the English posters was something like, We Bike This City.

However, it seems their Spanish version was not so fine-tuned, as I discovered a poster on the 1 train, which someone had copy edited. Originally it said, "Esta cuidad la paseamos en bicicleta!" But someone crossed out "cuidad" and wrote in "ciudad." From what I can gather -- not being a Spanish speaker -- the first means "you take care of" and the second means "city."

They seem to be a well-meaning group, but next year, perhaps they'll attract more Latinos if they get their slogan translated correctly.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't even notice that! You're right, "ciudad" is "city" and "cuidad" is a nonsense bastardization of the verb "cuidar," "to care for."
- Daryl