Tuesday, May 31, 2005

"Now batting for the State College Centurions ..."

I really enjoy naming contests, even if I'm not 100% into whatever it is we're being asked to name, so I had to devote a few minutes to brainstorming the other day when I heard that the new State College professional baseball team was looking for a mascot/team name. (The team will be sharing the new stadium, pictured in an artist's rendering above and to be located behind Beaver Stadium, with the Penn State University team when the place is built.)

So thinking along the same lines as the Philadelphia Phillies, my old home-town team, I decided to suggest something that is both a little historical and a little bit of a play on words: the State College Centurions. (You know, sort of like, Centre County?) The local newspapers could even abbreviate the name to the Cents in headlines. It was tempting to try to play off some PSU-related motif, but I thought, Why not try to give the team its own identity separate from the omnipresent nature of Penn State culture in State College? Who knows if that's what they're looking for, after all the local high school team is known as the Little Lions.

Naming contests, in general, often remind me of a passage from one of my favorite stories, "A Christmas Memory" by Truman Capote, which evokes both the hope and creativity involved in such mail-in competitions as well as the hopelessness of your effort:

... Once we won seventy-ninth prize, five dollars, in a national football contest. Not that we know a fool thing about football. It's just that we enter any contest we hear about: at the moment our hopes are centered on the fifty-thousand-dollar Grand Prize being offered to name a new brand of coffee (we suggested "A.M."; and, after some hesitation, for my friend thought it perhaps sacrilegious, the slogan "A.M.! Amen!"). ...
The first round of the State College baseball contest continues through June 10.

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