Friday, May 06, 2005

Corporate saunterers

Not long after I complete my north-to-south Manhattan walk, I come across this: The Great Saunter, in which proud New Yorkers or hearty visitors walk the 32-mile perimeter of the island. Tomorrow is the 20th annual event. The beginning and end of what appears to be a 12-hour day is the South Street Seaport, with lunch in Inwood.

Sounds great, except there's a fee. Not an expensive fee, but a fee nonetheless. And there are also corporate sponsors: a certain electric company, a certain cable company and, well, a chain of watering holes.

Why does this event need corporate sponsors? It doesn't really sound like a high-cost endeavor. They're not raising money for any charitable cause as far as I can tell. Plus, if there are corporate sponsors, why does there have to be a registration fee? Can't they have just one without the other?

Nonetheless, good luck to tomorrow's participants. It seems to me they'll need it what with this forecast of wind and rain.

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