Monday, May 09, 2005

Coming soon: The 1/2/3 line

It was reported months ago, but the MTA posters make it official: The 9 train is bidding farewell at the end of May. I think this is a positive improvement, as the 9 train's whole "skip-stop" routine seemed more confusing that it was worth. And there isn't supposed to be any reduction in the number of trains overall. This is good news, as I now rely more on the Seventh Avenue line. Now, if only they could clean up the 1 train some more, it would be great! Why can't the 1 be more like its cousins: the clean, sleek and speedy 2/3 Express trains, which are often waiting so patiently in the station each rush hour when the Locals arrive?

Another question: How long will it be before you stop hearing people call it the "1/9" train?

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