Saturday, April 09, 2005

Ukie food at an old stand-by

Strolling around with empty stomachs Friday night, B. and I ended up on Second Avenue and I suggested: Why not go for some Ukrainian? So we stopped in at one of the best 24-hour comfort food places around, which just happens to serve Ukie food: Veselka. (It means "rainbow" and also happens to be a very popular name for Ukrainian traditional-dance ensembles.) I've eaten brunch there in the past, but never actually tried the pierogies (with sour cream and fried onions) and borscht. I can now say that both of these dishes are passable alternatives to the kind you would get at your local Baba's house or church basement.

My memories of the food at the next-door Ukrainian National Home (from a class trip years ago) are not as favorable. Who knows? Maybe I just had a bad batch back then.

Also on my heritage to-do list: Visit the newly opened and expanded Ukrainian Museum on 6th St.

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