Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Stranded and alone in the Bronx

Have you heard about the Chinese deliveryman who ended up stuck in an express elevator for three days?!? The latest NYT story gets more of the answers, following a brief translated press gaggle at the hospital where he was treated for dehydration. But it doesn't answer all the questions: Why was no one able to find this guy after all the extensive searching -- or conversely, why was this guy unable to get help for so long?

Two small ironies: His last delivery before the ordeal was to an off-duty cop AND yes, he made the delivery before getting stuck. Another crazy detail: How did this guy get $60,000 to pay off the people who supposedly smuggled him into the U.S.? And of course that sad image of a guy who knew so little English stuck in the core of a tall building where he'd spent so much time while crews of police were searching everywhere else outside except the most obvious place.

His parting remark (spoken like a truly jaded New Yorker): "The tips in that building are all bad."

As a side note: Care to see a rough picture of what these Tracey Towers look like from space? Check out Google Maps' new satellite view function. Zoom in on the two towers in the center. Or see them here, in a more ground-level view, looming behind Bronx Science.

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