Monday, April 11, 2005

In other Jonathan Safran Foer news ...

Yes, the movie rights to his first book have been snapped up (and those of the second as well). Liev Schreiber of all people is directing "Everything is Illuminated" (in what I think will be his directorial debut), and Elijah Wood ("Frodo") will be playing Jonathan, the "hero" of an altogether different kind of quest. It's due out August 12. Filming locations? So far only Prague is listed on IMDB. Where's the film and television office of Ukraine on this?

Also, in a somewhat Christo-esque aspiration, JSF's latest boilerplate bio mentions a public art project he's supposedly working to realize: "The Whispering Parabolas" -- "in which two massive parabolas will be built on opposite sides of the Central Park Reservoir to facilitate intimate conversations in the middle of Manhattan."

Is this a joke? Who knows? But the idea is not unheard-of. In fact, both London's St. Paul's Cathedral and Washington's Capitol feature similar such indoor whispering galleries.

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Anonymous said...

There's a similar effect in Grand Central Terminal, just outside the Oyster Bar.
- Daryl