Monday, April 25, 2005

City dilemmas: make-up on the subway and dryers at the Laundromat

Tonight, two questions of ethics and etiquette:

1. You're a woman in a rush. Time is running short, and you haven't done your make-up yet. Do you spend a few extra minutes in the privacy of your own home or do you take your kit onto the subway and use a compact to apply your foundation, eyeliner and lip gloss in front of everyone? (I'm not talking about just touching up your lipstick here; I mean the works.)

2. You pull your clothes from the public washers in your apartment building's basement laundry room, and look for a dryer. There's one about to finish its cycle. It clicks to zero, and you wait for its owner to arrive. Minutes tick by. Two, three, five, 10 minutes ... No owner is in sight, and there's a seemingly clean folding table available on which you can lay out the absent person's dry clothes. Do you carefully switch out the finished load to start drying your wet laundry or wait patiently for the owner arrive and claim their clothes first?

Comments and responses are welcomed.


mishalaa said...

i don't wear makeup, but eh, if i did, i don't see a problem with putting it on while riding the subway. in fact, the idea appeals to my senes of efficiency. like brushing your teeth in the shower. while driving, though, that's another matter. you should be paying attention.

as for laundry, shit that happens to me all the time, what with only two washers and dryers for my whole building. i just throw the offending load on top of the dryer, regardless of how long it's been there, and continue about my way. i consider showing up to retrieve your laundry on time to be proper ettiquette. if i'm not extended that courtesy, i'm not going to respond with any of my own.

Anonymous said...

Make-up is totally 100% fine on the subway. It's seated, wasted time. Make use of it.

Also, you're totally allowed to remove people's laundry after the cycle is done + 5 minutes.