Friday, April 29, 2005

Blair in 'BP'

Making many of the top media-interested blogs this morning is a sighting of ... no, not that presumed-extinct bird ... but Jayson Blair. Turns out someone let him near a word processor again: a niche quarterly about people living with bipolar disorder and those who support and treat them. Now, let's be clear here: Mr. Blair might have this disorder. He might not. Problem is, he has another problem: unwillingness to really admit when he's wrong. The book that he slapped together to try to capitalize on his demise at the NYT was another example of him trying to find anything and anyone to blame for what he did -- repeatedly, and not just at the paper formerly known as the Gray Lady, either -- as many post mortem accounts have shown. (An appropriately irreverent executive summary of Blair's book is still posted on Slate's "Juicy Bits.")

So yes, this guy probably needs a job. But didn't we all learn our lesson? Let the guy write fiction for all I care, but why don't we NOT let him write any more "non-fiction" pieces?

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