Wednesday, March 16, 2005

"This is the first multi-level Whole Foods Market store anywhere!"

Fans of Whole Foods Market (such as B.) can rejoice (as B. is currently doing): Their new location on Union Square has opened, complete with those new-fangled cart escalators which have allowed big-box-type stores typically at home in the suburbs to make their way into the city (see also: the Bed, Bath and Beyond near Lincoln Center). I haven't yet visited, but I'm sure we'll be there soon enough. Is there any chance it will remain less crowded than the one at Columbus Circle? Nope, didn't think so. On the upside, now there is another big indoor cafe area at Union Square for people with small budgets to hang out in for extended periods of time (the other one being the B&N facing it across the square). Ah, so, the suburbanization of the city continues.

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Anonymous said...

Sucks to be the Union Square Food Emporium!
- Daryl