Monday, March 07, 2005

Le Parker Meridien's "secret" hangout

From the number of magazine clippings ("Cheap Eats!" etc.) on the wall, Burger Joint doesn't seem to be too much of a secret anymore. But its location still baffled and amused me Saturday night, as we approached the entrance below the little neon burger sign at the end of a narrow curtained hallway. You wouldn't normally expect to find a place that serves $5 burgers (and they were mouth-watering) and only one kind of beer (Sam Adams) to be ensconced inside a chic minimalist Midtown hotel lobby with cathedral ceilings. But there it was: the open kitchen run by kids that looked like they were still in high school, napkin drawings taped up to the faux-wood-paneled walls, and "Animal House" playing coincidentally but appropriately on the TV. With its "If you don't see it, we don't have it" menu, and its reasonable but good food, it reminded me of Corner Bistro, but more brightly lit and slightly less dingy.


On the phone front, I'm stuck with my old one for the moment, because I guess there was some sort of misunderstanding and I don't get my free upgrade for ANOTHER month. So in the meantime, I have to use my earbud headset for each call, since the speak-into-it microphone is broken/on-its-way-out. When I asked why they can't just replace my phone now -- it being half-broken and all -- they tsk-tsked me for not getting the stupid monthly-premium insurance policy back when I first got it. Grrr, Verizon.

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