Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The dot-com millionaires' 5-year reunion

Thursday marks the five-year anniversary of the all-time high close of the NASDAQ stock index -- and the beginning of the end for the Internet dot-com bubble. I was too busy enjoying college to appreciate its importance (or weighty disappointment) at the time, but it's still amazing to think of all the websites that started up, flourished and then fizzled in that short period of the heady (ha, ha) Clintonian late-'90s. There's a great site that has collected the Final Pages from dozens of sites that went under after the bubble burst. For your browsing pleasure, find more than 100 "e-bituaries" here. They range from the poetic/wistful to the terse and vaguely hopeful.

But not all dot-com stories had a sad ending. The former Pets.com sock puppet has proudly re-emerged as the spokes-puppet for 1-800-BAR NONE, a car-loan company that targets people with bad credit. Its slogan? "Everyone Deserves A Second Chance, BarNone." (Including -- apparently -- dot-com puppets.)

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