Thursday, March 31, 2005

A black winter coat, an iPod, and a dog? Well, I've got two out of three.

It's not hard to poke fun at outsiders' knowledge of a place, but sometimes you just gotta.

Case in point: "A Southerners' (sic) Guide to Visiting New York City." When you're writing a travel guide, it's usually a good idea to check your facts.

"A good place to eat is Tavern on the Green. It’s located on the west side of the park in the 70’s." Try 67th?

"There is a great bakery on Bleeker called the Magnolia Bakery. ... And it’s across from a little playground that has benches for you to sit on while you stuff your face with cupcakes. This is an area where you could spend many days. So much is going on. But it is not like FRIENDS." Um, don't you mean "Sex and the City"?

"Our last day was spent on the Upper West Side and way downtown in the Financial District. We pretty much covered the whole island that day." The whole island except of course for Harlem, Washington Heights and Inwood, right?

"The Upper West Side was my other favorite. It’s very residential and clean. Julliard is located in this area, as well as ABC studios and Columbia University. You could walk into Regis or Pavarotti at any given time." This really makes it sound like people are strolling from 66th to 116th on a regular basis. And Columbia isn't really on the UWS!

"Also in the area is Pier 17. So cute. It’s like a shopping mall outside, but you feel like you’re in Maine." Isn't that what they call the South Street Seaport?

This is actually a matter of opinion, but I couldn't resist: "I didn’t go to China Town either. It just didn’t seem appealing. But, I hear they have some really good Green Tea ice cream." Because the whole neighborhood can basically be reduced to the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory.

"Union Square (over in the teens around Midtown)..." This writer just cannot get her geography together: Union Square is at least a mile from anywhere really known as Midtown.

And last but not least, Fosse for Beginners: "I got to sit on the front row of Chicago. A great show, very simplistic. They wear the same costume, and carry any props they use."

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