Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Better than (Ezra) I remembered

It is with some trepidation that I admit that a lot of the music that I heard and loved in high school is not really on the radio all that much anymore. The music of the mid-to-late '90s is now nearly a decade removed. But an equal joy exists in rediscovering those songs that were around and fun to listen to but which I never actually owned and therefore didn't really think of as my own. (I know that's a really consumerist way of thinking, but it's unfortunately rather true for me -- without a CD or dubbed cassette, it felt more like someone else's song, not mine.)

Such is the case with Better Than Ezra. I can never remember buying any of their CDs. My sister might have had one or two, but not me. Yet they produced a lot of the songs I heard throughout high school and into early college and that I enjoyed without ever wanting to go out and buy them. I've rediscovered several of them with the band's Greatest Hits album just released this month. Among my favorites: "One More Murder" (which I think might've been on some X-Files companion compliation somewhere), "Good," "At the Stars," "Desperately Wanting" and "This Time of Year." They aren't masterpieces, but they're good, enjoyable tunes that take me back: in ways more vague than perhaps some other particular songs that I owned and cherished while still evoking a time worth remembering.

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