Sunday, February 27, 2005

"Two-bit" Oscar show

So my Oscar guesses were pretty abysmal. I should've remembered to think like the voters, not like myself. Out of all of them, I'm happiest about the two screenplay awards, which went to two of the best films of last year, as well as the best animated feature, which was really great, except for the obligatory closing chase scene. My final score: 5/13.

B. had an interesting theory on some of the picks. It seems Oscars often go to actors for whom the voters all of a sudden decide/realize: "Hey, s/he can act!" Like Jamie Foxx. Who was really just a run-of-the-mill comedic actor for most of his career -- until now.

Whereas you have great actors/actresses like Johnny Depp, Don Cheadle and Kate Winslet who churn out great performances with some frequency and who get nominated and then don't win.

Final thought: Was Dustin Hoffman slightly drunk on stage or just channeling Rainman?

Oh, and goodnight, Brooklyn! (And welcome home, Daryl.)

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