Wednesday, February 23, 2005

T.O.N.Y. and Moby

Residents of the Second City, rejoice! One of the coolest listings magazines has made the leap to Chicago. Look for the first issue next week. As a regular subscriber (they make it really cheap for you to always have a weekly copy handy) of Time Out New York (T.O.N.Y.), I suggest you pick up a copy and salivate over all the fun things YOUR city offers. It will either make you really excited to be a city dweller or really sad because you don't have enough time and/or money to do attend/visit all the fun events/places it touts.

Fans of Moby (a proud New Yorker), rejoice as well! A preview of his new album (his 10th, apparently) is available at iTunes Music Store. It's this seven-plus-minute track that plays for you snippets from many of his new songs, as if you were in the Virgin Megastore, listening to it with those big fluffy headphones, trying to decide whether to buy it or otherwise just killing time until your friend arrives and you go watch a movie next door. (Union Square anyone?)

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