Monday, February 14, 2005

"I've got a bridge for sale -- real cheap"

Perhaps it's inevitable, but people are hawking some of those free swatches of Gates fabric on eBay. Some were going for more than $20 this morning! Someone even managed to get their hands on one of the bolts, supposedly. (Is there a gate somewhere this morning swaying a little bit more in the wind?) The artists said they would be giving away 1,000,000 of these swatches free (about 1 for every 8 New Yorkers, right?), so they're not exactly "rare" by usual measures. Of course, if you're not in NYC, you might see them as pretty rare nonetheless.

On WNYC this morning, they said "vandals" were selling pieces of The Gates, but all I could find was that one bolt and one of the empty tarps that held the fabric in its cocooon last week. Are they misinterpreting where the swatches originated or am I not searching with the right keywords?

Still, at least, there don't seem to be any stories about "scalpers" attempting to sell "tickets" to the free event.

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